Strange things started happening in your town...
First, your neighbour reported being ill after walking through a puddle in the forest. Nothing special despite the doctor being unable to say for sure what it was. Few days after your neighbour died. Nobody considered it as a something exceptional but it was only the beginning...
Two weeks later kids said they have seen silhouettes of strange creatures during their evening bike trip near the town border. Various rumours and new facts started to raise like waves over the town folk.

...and then comes the Haze. Step by step it surrounded the town like a neck loop over a victim. It has a mysterious ozone smell, just like the one after the fresh spring downpour with a rainbow, but was hard to breathe in.
In some areas anomalies started to appear. Some of them were even able to damage the town buildings.

Our hero

The Town Hall becomes the citizens' last citadel. Enforced with steel shields, equipped with air and water purifiers it serves as a good fortress against unknown forces.

To collect energy for serving the day-to-day needs, a couple of engineers created a special suit with a backpack battery. The only problem is that we need somebody to make a run for that through the Haze.
You have this honourable duty. No, you're not the Chosen One but a compelled one by the circumstances...
The only clear thing is that you have to be brave enough to step into the unknown.

Sports activity
Turn-based strategy
Buildings & Inventory
Research & Craft

You start with a Town Hall building in the center of your map.


You have 2 maps: one for town overview (town map) and another for running and exploring (world map). Each map has discovered and unknown aread covered by Haze.
On the town map you can see your buildings and their state. You can also build new facilities.
On the world map you can Run collecting energy. If there any anomalies around the town they will be shown on discovered map.


You can build different facilities in your town:


You can have the following items in your inventory:


There are new items appearing periodically in the shop. Also you have a chance to buy unique items with different additional suffixes and effects / improvements.


Entering the Run mode you will be switched to world map. Your current location and path will be shown during the Run. If you run through anomalies you have a chance to collect an artefacts which could be used for building facilities or buying items in the shop.